4 Entry-Level Cruise Ship Jobs You Can Start Right Now

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Looking to get your start at sea? Here’s how to get your foot in the hatch.

Want to cruise and live on the high seas and get paid to do it? Don’t worry, you don’t need years of experience to land a cruise ship job. As a matter of fact, some positions are meant for entry level candidates only and are a perfect way of getting your foot in the cruise ship door.

Customer service: Are you a people person? Are you also chronically happy? If so, you would make a great airport customer service representative. Some of your responsibilities may include meeting and greeting guests, guiding the flow of traffic in the terminals, and answering questions about the airport or boarding passes in a pleasant matter. Customer service attendants also help those travelers who are in wheelchairs or help guests who are upset because the airlines have lost their luggage. No college grads necessary here. All these positions really require are that you have a great personality, good speaking skills and the ability to handle a fast-paced environment.

Company Travel Agent/Vacation Specialist: There are some travel agents who have years of experience and run their own agency, but they all started somewhere. If you want to help others live out their travel dreams, there are entry-level positions as a travel agent/vacation specialist with the cruise lines where you can research a client’s trip, book their flights and hotel accommodations, arrange their excursions and make sure everything runs smoothly. Host agencies can do just that – host you as a travel agent and teach you the lay of the land, so to speak. You’ll learn how to use the reservation system, so bring your personality to the interview!

Food service: Love working in a restaurant but want to work in one that travels over the world? There are open positions on cruises as restaurant servers, prep cooks, dishwashers, janitors, kitchen stewards, kitchen management, and pastry management aboard ships. In addition to the jobs posted on Travel Jobs, on December 1, NCL America is holding a Cruise Line Job Fair in Jacksonville, Florida for five-month assignments to live and work aboard their Hawaii-based ship.

Sales and marketing: Again, being a friendly people person is really all you need to start your career as a sales and marketing professional for cruise lines, vacation tours, hotels and more. These are positions that sell to the customer, so if you don’t handle rejection well, this may not be for you. These companies are looking for hard-working candidates who don’t take no for an answer. This isn’t something you can learn in school, so the minimum education for these positions are typically a high school diploma. While you may need some sales experience, you can also be taught on the job as well. If you present yourself with good communication skills, both verbally and written, are organized, dress well and present yourself with confidence, you have a strong chance of getting a job in this market.

There are many entry-level positions in the cruise industry with the perks of living on the board and traveling around the world. So consider exactly what you’re looking for in your next job. One of these positions might provide a steady income for you while you see the world!

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