5 Reasons to Get to Work Early

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5 Reasons to Get to Work Early

The snooze button on the morning alarm clock can be awfully tempting when a lengthy work day lies ahead, but those 10 extra minutes of shut-eye are a small price to pay for getting a head start on work in the morning.

Since all travel jobs aren't the same, some may be limited in their ability to clock in early. But if arriving early is possible at your job, then doing so is likely conducive to your success.

Here we'll rundown five reasons why getting to work early often times pays off.

No More Rushing Around

Naturally, when you arrive to work early, you buy yourself some extra time that can be used to catch up on leftover tasks from the day before or to get a head start on the new day.

Either way, you likely won't be running around in a panic.

Depending on the length of your commute and your situation at home (kids, pets, etc.), mornings can be hectic enough. This way, traffic and other unexpected incidents won't derail your day.

Now, you can actually enjoy that cup of coffee instead of chugging it after it's gone cold.

Get Noticed

Much like the late-arriving employee, the early bird is certain to be noticed. However when you're early you're making a positive impression as opposed to hurting your job security.

Being early will also allow you time to potentially make small talk or perhaps more enthralling conversation with your boss or co-workers, in turn providing you an opportunity to improve your relationships in the workplace and expand your network of contacts.

Since you're enthusiam is likely to get noticed, it could pay off down the road with a promotion or bonus.

Plus, those early arrivals can come in handy in case you ever need a recommendation for a future travel job.


Starting work earlier will provide you with an opportunity to organize yourself and create a plan for the day ahead. With additional time to plan, prioritizing will be much easier and you're more likely to avoid missing work obligations like meetings and other events.

Keeping your ducks in a row will also increase your value in the workplace as co-workers may look to you for information and advice.

Being organized will not only benefit your career in travel, but your overall wellbeing as well. And who doesn't want less stress and fewer headaches?

Improve Your Craft

You know the old adage, practice makes perfect. Well, it's true.

In addition to buying extra time and making you more visible, getting to work early allows you additional time to research, ask questions and engage in your profession. This is especially critical if you are new to the travel industry and still have lots to learn.

More time also translate to more opportunities to try new things, including better ways to get the job done.

And since on-the-job experience is the most valuable, your early arrival is setting you up for a successful career in your specific field.

Get Off Early (Maybe)

When you get to work early, you increase your odds of heading home early. Not only have you given yourself a chance to get a leg up on some of your tasks for the day, but you've showed initiative and that you're eager to be somewhere.

If you're not in a position to reward yourself with an early exit or slightly longer lunch break, there's a good chance the boss will throw you a bone with an early dismissal at some point along the way.

This shouldn't be your only motivation, of course, but it's undoubtedly a potential perk of beating the sun out of bed in the morning.

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