6 Airline Jobs That Could Be Perfect for You

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Here are a few ways you can make your living in the wild blue yonder.

Are you fascinated by airplanes? Enjoy being at the airport? Want to help travelers get to their destinations? Airlines are hiring. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. scheduled passenger airlines employed 3.6 percent more workers in April 2016 than in April 2015. April was the highest monthly total (407,763) since July 2008 and was the 30th consecutive month that U.S. scheduled passenger airline full-time equivalent (FTE) employment exceeded the same month of the previous year.

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Here are some potential job opportunities if you want to work for one of the 100 airlines in the United States or the 5000 airlines around the world:
Call Center Representative: Do you love talking to people and working out their problems? Are you a good listener? Customer service representatives fix any concerns or issues a traveler may have with their reservations, luggage, or other aspects of their airline travel.

Ramp Agent: These employees are responsible for loading and unloading the travelers’ luggage onto the plane and directing airplanes in and out of the gate.

Customer Service Agent: Some of the responsibilities of the customer service agent include issuing tickets, checking bags, organizing boarding for pre-flight, and greeting passengers at the gate.

Provisioning Agent: Travelers need drinks, snacks and other items on the flight and a provision agent makes sure that the plane is stocked with everything a traveler needs.

Mechanic and Engineer: Airlines need to be properly maintained and mechanics and engineers are vitally necessary. If you have a desire to actually work on the planes, this might be a good position for you.

Corporate: Prefer to work in the airline headquarters and not the airport? There are job opportunities in many corporate areas, including finance, marketing, public relations, security, communications, legal, human resources, purchasing, technology and more.

Pilot: Be a leader and fly the passengers to their next destination. Becoming a pilot takes dedication and a bit of expense, but there are a lot of opportunities for pilots. Studies have also shown that more than 10,000 pilots will be in demand over the next decade.

READ: 6 Airline Jobs That Could be Perfect For You

Flight Attendant: Flight attendants take care of the travelers by preparing the cabin before takeoff and making sure important safety announcements are made and travelers are properly secured in their seats. They also provide snacks and take care of travelers during the flight.

A job with an airline can open up many opportunities to travel. If you are actually working on the airplane, you will travel from one exciting destination to another. On some shifts you may go from one city or country to another. Even if you work in corporate or at customer service, you can still receive travel benefits, flying for a reduced rate or free at times.

The good news about working for an airline is that there are opportunities for all ages and experiences. So if you are just starting out after college, you can find an entry level position with an airline and work your way up. There are also many opportunities for those with special skills and experiences.

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