8 Hotel Jobs Worth Checking Into

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Looking to get your start in hospitality? Take a read and see where your interests lie.   Do you like people? Working in the hospitality industry provides many opportunities to meet people from all walks of life who are traveling for business or for pleasure. There are a variety of job opportunities in hotels where you can help travelers check in and get to their rooms, serve them their meals and help others get to their destinations. Here are eight hotel jobs you might be interested in.

Front Desk Clerk 

You’re one of the first people that the traveler sees when they arrive at the hotel. You are happy to see them and eager to check the guest in and make sure they get to their room. You are in charge of billing their room, which means getting their credit card information and giving them their keys. If there are any issues with the room or if the guests have any questions, they call the front desk and ask you for answers. A good ability to listen as well as attention to detail are vital for this job.


A concierge helps guests at high end and luxury hotels with almost anything they need during their stay. Perhaps they are looking for tickets to an event, a babysitter for their child so they can attend a meeting, or reservations at a restaurant. Skills needed to be a concierge include good communication, time-management skills and knowledge of the area. In some hotels, the concierge must have experience, while in other hotels the concierge is an entry-level position.

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Porter and Housekeeping

Guests judge a hotel mostly on the cleanliness of the rooms, so porters and housekeepers are needed to keep the rooms in tip-top condition. Porters also help carry luggage to the room. It’s a great entry level position because there are no education requirements for this position and most of your learning can be done on the job. Porters can also have skills such as the ability to fix building problems.

Restaurant Opportunities 

Guests need to be fed and there are plenty of opportunities to work in the hotel’s restaurant or for room service. There are other opportunities to work in the kitchen including a dishwasher, waiter, waitress, bartender and more. It’s still a great way to meet and take care of guests.


Did you go to college for marketing or advertising? There are many opportunities in the hotel’s communications and public relations department. Other administrative opportunities include accounting and purchasing positions.

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Event Planner 

Many hotels host weddings, reunions, conferences and other special events, and somebody has to run them. An event planner is not only responsible for the event, but is also responsible for bringing in additional event business.

Hotel Manager 

This is the head honcho of the hotel. Everyone answers to the hotel manager and if there are any problems it is the hotel manager’s responsibility to take care of it. Many people start out in other positions and dream of working their way up to a hotel manager position.

There are so many positions you can apply for in a hotel. Hotels have pools and there are opportunities to work as a lifeguard or a water sport instructor. You can be a bartender, reservationist or parking valet. The hospitality industry is a growing sector and there are many possibilities for you to work in a job you will enjoy.

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