Airline Jobs Are Taking Off

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Boeing’s annual Pilot and Technician Outlook shows good news for those looking to work in the airline industry.

Last month, Boeing released its annual Pilot and Technician Outlook, which projected that there would be a great demand for jobs in the airline industry over the next 20 years. This prediction included 1.5 million pilots, but also 800,000 cabin crew jobs.

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Other airlines, such as IndiGo and Jet Airways, have also said they would be recruiting more than 1,000 cabin crew members over the next year, while SpiceJet will hire 100 flight attendants a month for the next three months and, thereafter, 75 every month. Go Air is inducting 50 each month and AirAsia India and Vistara, are also expected to recruit at least 300 cabin crew.

Chinese airlines also are hiring foreign flight crew to cover the expansion the rapid expansion of their commercial and civil aviation industries, needing 2,800 to 3,000 pilots annually over the next five years. On Travel Jobs, Spirit Airlines has posted for inflight supervisors and SkyWest Airlines is hiring flight attendants.

What are flight crew responsible for and what skills do you need for the job? Flight crew members are responsible for making all of the passengers comfortable and keeping them safe.  Flight crew greets all passengers as they come on and off the plane, but assists the elderly or disabled if they need it. Once the passengers are on the plane, they instruct them on how to use the emergency equipment. If necessary, they tend to emergencies and use emergency equipment.

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Flight crew also keep the travelers comfortable by providing refreshments, meals, newspapers and magazines. If you want to become a member of an airline flight crew, here are a few skills you should have:

Good Communication Skills: You must be able to communicate with passengers in a polite, effective way.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills: Passengers get stressed, tired and anxious and you need to be able to handle all sorts of situations.

Patience: The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.

Good Health and Fitness: There are physical requirements to become a flight crew member, especially since you will be on your feet for hours depending on the flight. Flight attendants need to be able to see and hear well and move large objects, such as beverage carts.

Your Training: Which will have to be certified by the FAA, will also include courses in medical emergencies, evacuation, firefighting, water survival, security procedures, and more. Your training will be specific to the aircraft you will be flying on.

Flexibility: You may be required to fly at a moment’s notice to cover for someone who is ill, so flexibility is a great asset to have.

Most importantly, the flight crew must follow certain procedures to the letter. The ability to follow rules and regulations is of upmost importance, especially when the safety of the crew and passengers is at stake. Bring out your personality on the interview!

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