Are There Part-Time Travel Jobs?

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Don’t feel like putting in the full 40 hours? Here’s how.


 The travel industry is calling your name. You know you want to work in either a hotel or at a resort somewhere in the industry, but can’t quite commit to a full-time job just yet. Lucky you! There are many part-time travel job opportunities available where you can get your still learn and make an income without a full commitment.


Maybe you have been looking for a full-time job in the travel industry, but are having a problem landing a gig in the company that you want? A part-time travel job might be exactly what you need. Accepting a part-time position will get your foot in the door when there is no other employment opportunity available in that company. Once you are on the inside, a job may open up and you may have first crack at landing it. At least you will be in the company that you want to be in and can work your way up from there.


For example, if you always wanted to work at a casino, but there are no full-time positions available, consider a part-time bartending position. If you are a people person and like to serve, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is looking for a part-time bartender. The bartender is responsible for serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to guests. You must be trustworthy because you will be receiving money and you must have a positive attitude because the guests are there to have fun. This part-time travel job requires a high school diploma or GED and am mixology certificate.


If you do not have a bartending license and still like to serve people, then consider a part-time hostess job in a resort or hotel restaurant. The Hampton Inn is currently looking for a part-time breakfast hostess. This person meets and greets the travelers who are coming down to their complimentary breakfast. You are responsible for explaining to guests where the beverages and food are as well as keeping the area clean and maintained.


When travelers choose a place to stay they absolutely want it to be clean and tidy, so it’s up to the housekeeping staff to keep high standards. There are many housekeeping opportunities available in hotels, including part-time jobs. These positions require good reading and writing skills, a high school education and, in some cases, experience in a hotel services environment. However, some hotels will train the right candidate. 


There are other entry-level, part-time jobs available in the tourism industry. For example, cashiers are needed in the restaurants and gift shops and baristas are needed in the coffee shops.


On Investopedia’s website, author J.B. Maverick explained another benefit of working part-time – the ability to make even more money.


“It may sound paradoxical, but working part time can actually sometimes enable an individual to make more money than he could with a full-time job,” he writes. “This can be accomplished by working two part-time jobs. For example, a person might be able to secure a 30 hour-a-week job along with a 15 to 20 hour-a-week job. The total income from both positions might provide a greater total income than if he held just a single full-time position. And given that many salaried, full-time positions often require 50 to 60 hours of work per week, the individual could still come out ahead in terms of working fewer total hours.”


While many people look down at working a part-time job, you can actually use it to your advantage. Even experienced, part-time travel agents have made a good income working only a fraction of the time. Part-time doesn’t have to mean anything less. It’s what you make it.  




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