Embrace Travel Trends and Nail That Interview

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Do your research and find out what they’re talking about in travel, and walk into your interview as an expert.

When you’re on an interview, the recruiter wants to see if you are the perfect candidate for the job. They do this by asking a series of questions about your job skills and about your previous positions that you held. The recruiter also wants to know if you are familiar with the travel industry. After all, knowing the travel trends puts you one step ahead of the applicant sitting next to you in the lobby. How?

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Let’s say that you applied for a job in a travel agency. The help wanted ad has stressed that the company is looking for hard-working employees, of course, who can bring new ideas to the table.

Overall, this position fits your qualifications perfectly. You not only travel often, but you love keeping up with what’s new in the industry. You devour travel news every day and, by doing so, you read about this new survey pointing to a huge uptick in the sales of adventure and specialty travel.

Thanks to some research on your part, you see that the company you’re interviewing with has been around for quite a few years – which is a boon to them – but they aren’t necessary growing. They have offered the same type of trips since their inception more than two decades ago, yet in the ad they say that they are looking to develop business in some new and exciting areas.

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Prior to the interview, you scan the company’s website only to find out that they do not offer any adventure and specialty travel opportunities. During the interview, when you are asked for some suggestions on how you can improve business, you quote the statistics from this study and suggest to the employer that the company start looking into adventure travel opportunities.

Keep in mind, however, that this study mentioned off-the-beaten track destinations, such as Iceland, Chile and Galapagos and Ecuador and that, interestingly, the largest number of adventure travelers were in the 50 and 65 age group.

This is also important to mention because many studies show that it’s the younger set that is interested in adventure travel. However, the younger travelers were the least interested in adventure travel, based on this study. So, you can suggest that the company create targeted adventure trips specifically geared to the boomer generation.

No matter what the industry, it’s vital to show off your knowledge of what’s happening in the industry to impress your recruiter.  If you’re new to the travel industry and want to improve what you know, consider reading sites like Travel Pulse that offer daily news on the important travel industry topics. You can also keep up on social media sites, like Twitter. When something is “trending” it means that people are talking about it. That means you should be learning about it and talking about it too.

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