Getting a Job in a Car Rental Company

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Buckle up and see if you have the skills and talents to work in this exciting field.


Are you the type of person who can spend all day in a car? Do you talk about the features in the newest cars? Can you tell someone what the fastest, most reliable or kid-friendly car is? Travelers need the right kind of transportation, so if automobiles are your passion, then car rental companies need you.


Today, the car rental industry has changed, so if you prefer exotic cars and sedans, then you can work at companies that have luxury car divisions for their high-end customers. For example, Enterprise has an exotic car collection where customers can choose an Aston Martin, Porsche or a Bentley for their vacation plans. They can drive impressive Lamborghinis or put the pedal to the metal in a Maserati. The Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise also includes Audi, BMW, Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang and Jaguar vehicles.


You can land a position as a service representative where you are responsible for processing customer rentals and returns, as well as conducting vehicle service and maintenance. If you enjoy taking care of cars, there are positions available where you can take care of the vehicles inside and out and make sure it’s in working order for the next customer. It’s a great way to get up close to the vehicles you enjoy.


These positions require great people skills since you will be greeting customers and assisting them with their orders. You can also drive the vehicles to the service areas, through the car wash and to the customers if necessary. 


There plenty of opportunities to become a rental agent, driver, branch manager, or account manager. Positions can be salary-based, but rental agents can also make sales commissions as well.


If you have customer service experience and skills, as well as sales experience, even if it is in another industry, it can help you to secure a job in the car rental industry.  Make special note of any computer experience you have, especially if you are applying for a job as a rental agent or customer service representative.


The industry is growing too, so if you’re concerned about job security, it’s there. Earlier this year, Avis Budget Group Inc. hire 1,500 employees during a national day of hiring event on June 22. These positions were for part-time positions at Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, and Payless Car Rental locations across the United States, according to Avis Budget. Thrifty Car Rental also expanded earlier this year to Thailand.


A 2015 article in Auto Rental News says that total revenue in the U.S. grew to $27 billion industry. In 2015, average total cars in service in the U.S. grew to 2.18 million, from nearly 2.07 million in 2014.


In the 2015 article, Chris Brown, executive editor of Auto Rental News said, “This year was marked by one of the largest fleet turnovers in recent history, which put downward pressure on rates and used car values. With this in the rearview mirror, rental fleets seem to be in line with demand, which bodes well for the coming year.”


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