How to Tailor Your Skills and Desires to a Job in the Travel Industry

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Have you always wanted to work in the travel industry, but you have no idea what you want to do? Perhaps you already have skills, experiences or passions in other areas that might work well in the hospitality field.

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Love food? Are you a Food Network junkie? Do you love to cook? Do you love experiencing culinary adventures when you travel? Turn your love of food into a travel career. You can work as a cook in a hotel or resort. If you have a particular expertise, say chocolate, you might be able to lead chocolate tours around your favorite cities.

Love music? Never without your Spotify or iPod? Know the latest music from the hottest artists as well as the best music from the indie market? Put your knowledge to use as a DJ at a resort club or, if you play an instrument or can sing, you can work for a hotel as evening entertainment or perhaps play for a cruise line or resort.

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Love people? The hospitality business is all about people, so if you love talking to others, you have plenty of opportunities to find a job. You can work at the front desk of a hotel to a concierge or be customer service rep. How about a greeter or a travel agent? If you love communicating with others and even listening to their problems, there is plenty to do in the travel industry.

Love photography? Are you always the one snapping pictures of your food or your friends? Put your photography skills to use at a resort as you take photos of guests arriving at the resort or enjoying their time at events. A hotel can also use photos of the property, including any new additions or amenities. Marketing departments use also photos for brochures, blogs and websites.

Love community? Do you know the hottest places to dance? The best places to eat? The newest theater events going on in the neighborhood? All of this knowledge would make you a great concierge. A concierge gets guests theater tickets, points them to the best restaurants and local tourist attractions.

Love water? Are you an aquaphile? Do you love diving, swimming, surfing or snorkeling? Teach others how to have that same love of the water by being a water instructor at resorts and hotels. Have your lifeguard certification? Hotels and resorts can use professionals to watch out for the safety of their guests.

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Love parties? Are you always the one that people turn to when they want to have a party? Do you know what it takes for a party to be a hit? Event planners are needed at resorts and hotels to make sure that the guests have a good time and there’s plenty to do.

Love sports? Do you love tennis? Are you happy to hike? Are you a Frisbee fanatic? Resorts and hotels have a host of activities to keep their guests busy and happy and they are always looking for people who love sports to lead the way. These same sports lovers can teach guests how to improve their backhand or encourage them to make it to the top of the mountain.

Love money? There are plenty of behind-the-scenes job opportunities in the hospitality industry where your love of money can be a perk for you. There are many job opportunities in the finance and accounting departments of hotels and resorts and for airlines and car rental companies.

If you really want a job in the travel industry, think about how you can use your passions to find a job doing what you love.

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