Perks of Working in the Travel Industry You Didn’t Expect

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Travel isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. And that way of life can have serious fringe benefits.

There are perks to every job – some offer great retirement plans, while others offer massages at your desk. The travel industry is no exception. There are many hotels, airlines and other hospitality businesses that offer employees great perks with the job, but there are some perks to the job you might not have even expected:

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Meeting New People: Whether you’re on a trip to check out the latest and greatest hotel or resort, working as a front desk clerk, or booking a client’s dream vacation, you’re always meeting new people in the travel industry. Once you put in years of service, you’ll find that you suddenly know people wherever you go! The coolest part is that these new friends will be from so many different countries and cultures.

Learning About New Places: Even the most knowledgeable travel agents have said that there are places they’ve never heard of. The more you work in the industry, the more you learn about new places. The perk to increasing your knowledge of the world – you’ll learn about new places you want to explore and recommend to others.

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Becoming The Go-To Person: The more you know, the more people ask you about the best places to visit and the hottest destinations they shouldn’t miss. They want to know what you loved about a certain country, what food they must try and if you can recommend an adventure they should try. It can be fun to be the go-to travel expert among your friends and family. It’s like being the Siskel and Ebert of the travel industry – you give your thumbs up or thumbs down.

Finding New Passions: When you are traveling to different cities and countries, you are learning about new cultures as well. Often, you can find something that another culture does that is of interest to you. For example, a trip to Mexico might open you up to the beauty of Talavera Pottery that brings out your creative side. Before you know it, you’re taking pottery classes and attending art shows. A trip to an Italian vineyard might spark an interest in wine that you didn’t even know you had.

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Taking Free Trips: So many people probably expect that if they get a job in the travel industry, they will be, well, traveling for free. This isn’t always the case. A job in a hotel doesn’t always guarantee that you will be traveling for the job. However, certain jobs can almost guarantee that you will be jetting off here and there on someone else’s dime. For example, a travel agent travels to new destinations on FAM, or familiarization trips, all the time to learn about them so they can recommend them to their clients. A hotel manager might travel to different locations to check on the quality of each hotel. A travel writer must know about what she writes about and is often on the road, reporting back to the media about various destinations, accommodations and travel trends.

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