Seasonal Travel Jobs: What’s Out There?

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Some travel jobs are forever and some are for now. If you’re looking for a temporary gig, read on.

Tis the season to find a part-time job where you can travel the world. There are companies and destinations who hire seasonal workers during the time when the amount of visitors is at its peak. Being a seasonal worker is a great way to spend a short period of time in a particular area. You can work and then explore that area on your own time.

Here are some travel jobs that are available on a part-time, seasonal basis:

Tour guides: A tour guide needs to be friendly and helpful because not only will you be teaching the visitors about a particular part of the world that they want to see, but you’ll be answering a lot of questions. You also need to have the ability to remember a lot of information. Say you’re a tour guide for a historic museum, you will have to learn about the museum and any additional facts that the guests may ask about. It would be helpful to have an interest in the area where you are a tour guide. You should also be physically fit, or at least have the ability to be on your feet for some time.

Activity guides: These are guides for such fun activities as zip-lines, kayak tours, paddleboard tours and even skiing lessons, depending on the season. Lead backpacking or whitewater rafting tours in Alaska or hiking tours in a national park. If you love being outside no matter how hot or cold it gets, are physically fit, and enjoy teaching others then this might be perfect for you.

Office staff: Whether it’s a resort, destination, historic site or tourism bureau there is always office staff needed. There are part-time positions in administration, bookkeeping, customer service, responding to email & phone inquiries, assisting with checking guests in and out. Customer service skills and leadership abilities required.

Kitchen help: All of those travelers need to eat and there needs to be people to serve and clean up after them. Dishwashers, bussers, waiters and waitresses, cooks and hostesses are needed each season.

Some of these positions may require previous experience, while others offer training.

The best way to start your search for a seasonal position is to search Travel Jobs and put in the keyword “seasonal.” If you’re looking to travel to a particular area, you can always search “seasonal jobs in Colorado,” for example.

Keep in mind that if you are looking to travel the world working seasonal positions, you need to save money for some down time. You may not get the next job and you will still need to cover your living and travel expenses. Budget your money carefully and be sure to plan ahead so you can check out the next job before the season creeps up on you and you’re left without something to do. Most places start hiring several months before the season begins and, if it’s a popular location, they may even hire earlier.

If you like the location where you are working and want to come back for another season, let the employer know you’re open for coming back. Often the employers will rehire those who work well and who are dependable.

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