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Ecotourism and sustainability jobs are in high demand.

Have you always had dreams of protecting the environment? At the same time, have you had dreams of wanting to travel the globe? Luckily, there are a few jobs that let you do both. According to, the outlook of each career path will vary, but on the whole, sustainability careers are growing rapidly.

If you have mad science skills, and a degree to boot, National Geographic magazine has named natural scientist as one of ’11 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs.” In this career, you can dive to the ocean’s floor and measure the water acidity off the Great Barrier Reef or chart how the climate is changing and the impact on the Earth. 

If you are an environmental specialist, Environmental Science says there are jobs for you as an ecotourism guide. An ecotourism guide works as a specialist within an organizations; their knowledge of sustainability, local environmental issues, the impact of world trade on local areas inform and educate the environmentally conscious traveler and encourages them to take positive steps. To obtain a position as a guide, you need to understand local customs, local history, the country of origin's place in the world, and how it relates to ecology and the environment.

Environmental science states that around 50% of ecotourists work in museums, either traditional museums as tour guides, bookable for specific tours, or in the new brand of hands-on interactive museums where they will fulfil much the same roles but be involved in activities that engage. The median salary for travel and tour guides was $24,100 in 2015 and has ranged upwards of $40,000.

You can also become an aquarist, which is someone who travels around caring for marine live at different aquariums around the world. You may care for sick animals or fixed damaged equipment. You may also work on presentations to visitors or for grants. It’s not a high paying job – the highest is around $32,500 and the average hovers around $20,000, but it could be a paying way to see the world.

If you can swing a hammer and know about the techniques of green building and remodeling, you may be able to travel around the globe making structures more eco-friendly. Builders with expertise in energy efficiency or who know how to use ecologically friendly building materials can find a job in foreign countries helping to build homes and commercial buildings.

Of course, there also needs to be someone to write about the news and happenings going on in the environment. Environmental journalists do just that. They report on, well, the reports as well as the news, case studies, investigations, etc. that are affecting today’s environment. With the current environmental and regulation changes happening in the new administration today, this career could be even more important today.

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