Ten Jobs You Can Do On A Cruise Ship

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Want to cruise the world while you earn a living? Here are just 10 of the many, many jobs you can take on board cruise lines that will let you see a variety of destinations and pay your bills all at the same time.

Cooking and Catering

Do you have experience in the kitchen? Whether you’re a master chef, a wine steward, baker, bartender, or if you want to be a waiter, food-based positions are cruise ships are always essential. Some foodie experience will likely be needed depending on the position.


Cruise ships work in a similar way to hotels in that assistants are needed for guests’ needs. Positions in this field range from manager to luggage carrier, dishwasher, and maid. It might not be a glamorous job, but you’ll be able to work with a wide range of people as you travel the world.

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Are you a singer? A magician? A comedian? Then you can likely fill a position in the entertainment cruise ship business. Entertainers are needed to amuse or entertain guests while on the high seas, so this is a great job for putting your talents out there.


If you’re more of a visual artist or have previous experience with publicity-based photography, then you might want to consider being a cruise line’s photographer.

Health and Wellness

Are you involved in the medical industry? Maybe you’re an experienced nurse who was sick of being in the hospital all the time. Since health is an important concern while cruising, nurses and physical therapists are important to cruise lines. Other medical positions, including masseuses are available as well.


From shop manager to cashier, the stores on ship could always use a helping hand.

Working With Children

There are certain cruise ship activities or areas specified for younger children and/or teens. Whether you’re an activities coordinator or a day-care provider, this field is perfect if you enjoy working with children.

Casino Work

Jobs range from drink server to card dealer to slot machine technician. The experience you need various depending on the position you’re looking for.

Fitness and Sports

There are often many fitness and sports related activities available for guests on cruises. Positions like personal trainer, fitness instructor, or sports activities coordinator are available for those who are more on the athletic side.

Technology and Repairs

Are you more of a handyman? Whether you’re knowledgeable in computers or boat mechanics, your skills are essential to ensuring that the cruise ship runs smoothly and safely.

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