The Best Reasons to Consider a Job in Travel and Tourism

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The travel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. If you have a passion for travel and are looking for work, the travel and tourism industry could be just the place for you, says an article in Tech Featured

“The travel and tourism industry is a massive global industry that caters for the needs of those who have to travel away from home in terms of providing facilities and services like hotel accommodation, air and road transport. Close to a billion people are involved in international travel in this industry which generates billions of dollars every year,” writes Avinash Pudota. 

While the attractions to the industry are many, here are some of the reasons Pudota points out that could drive job seekers to the travel and tourism industry. 

First, she notes that there are a variety of opportunities. 

“You can work in the aviation sector, road, rail and water transport, accommodation providers like hotels and lodges, leisure and business travel agents and tour guides,” writes Pudota.

She also points out that there are a lot of perks — there are work-from-home opportunities as well as free or discounted travel. 

Another good reason to look to travel and tourism is that it’s a growing sector of the economy. 

“In spite of the recent downturn because of the threat of terrorism and the world recession, travel industry players are optimistic about its growth. In good times and bad times people always get the urge to move,” writes Pudota. 

It is also a relatively easy industry to get into and one that doesn’t require a lot of years of study. 

“You may love a certain profession but because of the years of studying involved in learning it you may be discouraged from joining it. Not so with the travel and tourism industry. Three to six months may be enough depending on what qualification you are studying for to get you started working for this exciting industry,” Pudota points out. 

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