Travel Jobs for Movie Buffs

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Ready to go pro with your love of film? Roll it!

Can’t get enough of the movies? Want a job where you can not only travel, but you can work on a film set? What about a job where you can watch movies all day long and then go see the sights? There are plenty of jobs in film where get to travel and see the world. Here are just a few:

Festival Ticket Agents: There are movie festivals all over the world that rely on freelance festival ticket agents to work the box office, sell tickets and answer general questions from customers visiting the box office. For example, the extremely popular Sundance Film Festival has posted on TravelJobs and is currently looking for ticket agents to work for 19 days during the January festival.

A job such as this requires customer service experience as well as knowledge of their ticketing system. You must also have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills and basic cash handling abilities. Keep in mind, however, that since this is only a 19-day position, you will need to search for additional positions if you are looking for a steady job or you can use this to supplement your income. 

Public Relations: Some public relations jobs for hotels and other venues require that you work with film companies to encourage them to film their movies or house their staff in your facility. You can travel to various sites or to meet the filmmakers to discuss business. Public relations positions require basic writing skills and communication skills.

Trip Vlogger: Do you have a secret urge to become a filmmaker? Start vlogging. A vlogger is a video blogger. The idea is that you show what you want to say by taking videos on your phone, camera or iPad. Some facilities, websites or film companies want vloggers to take videos while reviewing hotels, restaurants and other establishments or just taking videos of destinations. You are usually paid by assignment, so you will need to vlog a lot to make a steady income, but there are individuals who have made a career out of vlogging.

Films that travel to a variety of destinations are always in need of those with filmmaking experience. If you are an editor, lighting technician, cameraperson, or can serve as a “gopher” there are jobs for you. Can you build sets? Your muscles may be able to land you a job on a film that needs sets built and broken down, loaded onto the trucks and moved to the next location.

There are also specialty jobs available on films as well. For example, a film that includes military weaponry may require an armorer on staff who oversees the use of weapons and firearms. Medical films may need the expertise of a doctor to make sure the actors are performing correctly with patients and on the set of the operating room or hospital. If you have a photographer’s eye, there can be a job for you on the set as a Director of Photography. You work with the Director, camera crew and lighting department to create the look of a film. These are all great ways to work on a set while traveling.

Keep in mind, however, that some films require long hours on set and are often on a tight schedule to finish shooting. As a result, some jobs may not allow as much sightseeing as others. Know what you’re getting into before you take the job.

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