Travel Jobs For The Sports Fan

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Want to take your love of the game on the road? Read on.

If you love sports and you love to travel, how about combining both of them to create a great career in sports where you also get the see the world?

There are many positions where you can travel and enjoy your favorite sport, whatever it is. Travel from one state to another or one country to another, put in your time and then check out the sites before moving on.

Here are just a few job options:

Athletic recruiters: Can you spot the skills that an athlete needs to be an asset on a team? If so, then a job as an athletic recruiter will allow you to travel to different high schools and colleges, as well as a variety of sporting events around the country to scout out the talent and see who you want on your team.  The skills you need include an intense knowledge of the sport that you love as well as great communication skills.

Sports writer: Would you like to attend the games of your favorite teams, get paid to write about the game, or even have a chance to interview your favorite players? Being a sports writer requires some journalism skills, including the ability to structure a story, ask important questions to get your quotes and meet deadlines. You’ll also have the chance to travel to each game, where you can use your down time to enjoy local restaurants or visit historical monuments.

Managers and coaches: Of course teams need managers and coaches and if you coach a professional or college team you can travel the country with them. Although the schedule is more jam-packed for the coaches – there’s practices, media day, the game and then getting the team to the next destination, but there are some off-days built in and you can become a tourist in your free time.

Athletic trainers: As an athletic trainer, you are the one who takes care of the players when they get hurt. Working with a physician you can help to prevent future injuries and make sure that the players stick with their treatment plans. You will need a bachelor’s degree and, for some jobs, a master’s degree may be required. Most states require licensure or certification from an independent Board of Certification (BOC).

Photojournalist/Sports Photographer: Those sports articles need photos and a photographer documents the game as well as the team’s activities behind the scenes. Of course experience as a sports photographer is required as well as the ability to meet deadlines. Depending on what you are photographing, you may also be required to stand on your feet for long periods of time.

Event Planner: If you enjoy organizing and planning parties and events, then a job as an event planner will be perfect for you. Event coordinators arrange the team’s transportation, schedule, media and any other special items they will need. Event planners may plan a party prior to the World Series or Super Bowl, for example. You may need a degree in hospitality management and a few years of party planning experience.

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