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Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and see the world.


Have you always enjoyed writing stories and wanted to travel the world while you pen the next great American novel? It is possible to do both and make a good living doing it as well. Here are a few examples of writing jobs that allow you to travel the world and write about it:


1.      Travel blogger: Nomadic Matt is the best example of a writer who travels the world and pens stories about his travels. He created a niche by telling travelers how to go around the world very cheaply. He has even become a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. He also writes his own travel guides as well. If you want to make money and travel the world, try creating your own special niche so travelers would be willing to pay for your information.


2.      Travel writer. Whether you write for a newspaper, magazine or website, you can be sent on assignment to meet new people, cover events, and learn about new places.


3.      Travel Author. Would you rather tell others about your life experiences? Try writing a memoir about your travel adventures. TravelWriters Exchange suggests that you start marketing your book to traditional or small publishing companies, or self-publish through a reputable company like Outskirts Press, which lets you keep 100 percent of your royalties.


4.      Screenwriters: If you always wanted to have your name on a movie, try becoming a screenwriter. You can travel the world, looking for stories to tell or locations to create a movie.


5.      Writing teacher: Some writers travel the world teaching how to become a writer. They use the time to explore on their own and create their own stories, while also teaching others how to do the same.


Other jobs where you can travel also provide writing opportunities. For example, marketing jobs allow you to write marketing and public relations materials, while traveling throughout company properties or resorts.


Keep in mind that no matter what kind of writing you are doing, one of the most important parts about being a travel writer is to learn how to accept rejection and push on. Writers pitch editors their story ideas about travels all the time, but many times they are rejected. In order to make a living, you must learn how to market yourself and not take no for an answer.


If having a job where you can write and travel is what interests you, consider taking some writing courses as well as some marketing courses. If you are interested in self-publishing your own guides, consider taking a course on publishing or read about creating a book proposal in order to catch the eye of a traditional publisher.


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