Unusual Travel Jobs: YouTube Vlogger

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Meet Jordan Richardson, who turned a YouTube channel and a thirst for travel into a living.


Jordan Richardson doesn’t have a home base. She travels all over the world, filming videos that she puts on her YouTube channel and, yes, it makes her good money. But it didn’t quite start out that way.


“I trade independently on the stock market - which means that I don’t work for a company, but buy and sell shares with my own money,” said Richardson. “Two years ago, I didn’t know that regular people could simply open a trading account and trade stocks with a couple thousand dollars. I assumed that it was something that would require at least a six figure investment - not true!”


After a few months of research, she invested her savings in the stock market. “There was a lot of trial and error, but now I have built up my account to a level that allows me to make a sustainable income,” she said.  


At the same she also films videos that she puts on YouTube. “I am passionate about both jobs - they combine my analytical side with my artistic side,” she said. “I had always enjoyed watching traveling YouTubers who filmed their adventures. I dreamed of living such a life myself, but didn’t think that a regular person could do that, and just travel around the world full-time.”


Once she started to make an income off of the stock market, she decided to use her stock market income to travel and make films. “I started filming some pretty horrible videos in the beginning, but I kept at it, until my YouTube videos started making an income of their own,” she said.


Richardson dreamt about traveling the world as a kid and these two jobs allow her to do that. “I normally stay in places or countries for a month at a time, to take in the local culture, and then I move on,” she explained. “I travel all over the world.”


In terms of background for these jobs, she didn’t go to school for stock training, nor did she receive any formal training. “Anyone can open an account and start trading - but you need to be aware of the risks and do a lot of research beforehand,” she said. “I would say that the ideal person for trading on the stock market is someone that is level headed in their decisions - especially financial ones, and is willing to devote time to researching the economy, world and national news, statistics, and analytics.”


For YouTubers, anyone can pick up a camera, or even a phone, and start filming. “The difficult part is to capture and keep the viewer’s attention,” she said. “There are so many different types of channels and creators on YouTube. This leaves a lot of room for creativity.”


If your dream is to travel the world and find a job that will enable that Richardson encourages everyone to not give up. “It can be done, and it does exist; you just have to find it. Think outside the box. Don’t listen to the reasons why you can’t - focus on the reasons why you can. Take risks, and don’t give up.”


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