What Are The Highest-Paying Jobs in Travel?

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A job in the exciting world of travel is its own reward. But if you’re looking to bring in the big bucks, here’s where to go.

Having a job in the travel industry is a dream for many, but one that comes with a nice paycheck is always a perk. So, where are high-paying jobs in the hospitality industry?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, travel agents earn, on average, $18.63 per hour or $38,750 per year. However, there are many travel agents who make a lot more up to 5 and 10 times as much, if not more. Tammy Levent of Elite Travel not only runs a successful travel agency, but has published a book and runs seminars on how travel agents can make even more money.

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There are also many high-flying and high paying opportunities for airline pilots who, on major carriers, can earn more than $200,000 a year and air traffic controllers, who make approximately $120,000 per year. Air traffic controllers are trained to maintain the flow of air traffic in the system, but remember that this position is known to be very stressful.

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If you’d prefer the water over the sky, then consider that the average salary for a cruise-liner captain averages about $153,000.

If you’re good at organizing travel reservations and plans, then a job as a travel manager might bring in a nice salary. The current median salary for a travel manager is $82,307 and statistics show that professionals in the top 25 percent of the field earn $96,820 or more. Travel managers work on all of an organization’s travel needs.

If you have a degree in marketing, you can land a well-paying travel marketing manager job earning upwards of $140,000 per year. Marketing managers are in charge of promoting resorts, hotels, and casinos and can often travel between properties for events and other promotions.

It seems that everyone wants to be a writer, so if travel writing is of interest to you, it’s possible to make a good living off of words. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, travel writers who write for companies and blogs and write travel books can make a median $60,250 per year.

Hotel managers also make six-figure salaries, according to a recent report from the AETHOS Consulting Group's 2016 Hotel General Managers Compensation Study. The study found that the general managers of New York City hotels are the highest paid in a major U.S. market with a median total cash compensation of $319,000. San Francisco general managers ranked #2 among the cities whose general managers responded.

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The median base salary for a hotel general manager in the United States is $178,000 and the median bonus is $40,000. The report states that the median bonus payout for general managers around the country is approximately 22% of the base salary.

Of course, the salary of these jobs will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and location the hotels, cruise ships, and resorts. Salary also is determined by experience and education. Before going into an interview, do some preliminary research on the average salary requirements for the position and then know your worth.

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