What The Olympics Taught Us About Landing a Job in Travel

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Interview like an Olympian and go for the gold.

The recently wrapped Rio Olympics gave us a slew of amazing stories of success and several heartbreaking stories of defeat. Interestingly, there is a direct correlation between how the athletes have presented themselves at the Rio games and how you can present yourself on a job interview.

Leadership: If you watched gymnast Aly Raisman, who is the captain of the Final Five girls’ USA gymnastics team, during the competitions, she led her other teammates into the right places to stand, pictures to pose for, and things to say. She was supportive of her teammates, even when she and teammate Simone Biles were up for the same medal. Raisman would often put her hand out and instruct her teammates that it was time for some team spirit. What can you learn from her? Raisman is the epitome of leadership, a trait that a travel agency would be interested in from a potential candidate.

Perseverance: Speaking of Simone Biles, she has won multiple gold medals this year, both as a team and individual competitor, and is now the most decorated American gymnast in history. She’s probably exhausted in Rio after competing in quite a few events, but she has persevered and stayed focused on her goals. What can you learn from her? The travel job industry is extremely difficult at times and you might wait a long time for a response to your application or interview.  Perseverance and focus are both important during the entire job search process.

Professionalism: Swimmer Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympic swimmer in history. He was quoted as saying, “Where I am now is exactly how I want to finish.” Phelps has been through a lot of ups and downs in his career both in the pool and out, but he dedicated himself to getting back on the Olympic podium. It is his last appearance in the Olympics and he has handled every interview with class and style, thanking others who helped him get to where he was. Job interviews can be difficult, but if you watch how Phelps handles himself in interviews, you will see that he answers the questions with class and professionalism. What can you learn from him? Knowing where you want to finish – where you want to work – will help to bring you closer to success and thanking the people who provide you with a recommendation and an interview can go a long way.

Confidence: Before USA gymnast Laurie Hernandez took her routine to the balance beam, the entire world saw her mouth the words, “I got this.” Confidence is a tremendous trait to have going into a job interview. Knowing your accomplishments, and even your weaknesses, can be the difference between you and the next applicant. What you can learn from her? Answer questions confidently and convince the HR professional that you are the person for the job.  

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