Why It Might Be Better To Work in An Office Than At Home


A few weeks ago we talked about the many benefits of working from home and even studies over the last few years have shown that at-home workers are much more productive than in-office employees. But don’t set up your kitchen workspace just yet. There really are just as many benefits of working in an office.

Learn From Others: There are other employees who have worked there for longer than you have and you can learn from their experiences – both good and bad. You can see how others handle phone calls with customers better than you do and learn from those situations that go awry. You can also be taken under the wing of an experienced supervisor.

You’re Not Alone: Even though you’re talking with clients on the phone, working from home is pretty much a solitary activity. If you do not like working alone, having co-workers can take some of the isolation off of the job and make it more enjoyable, especially as you share company lunches and other events.

The Benefit of Benefits: Working for another company often comes with perks – such as medical and dental insurance, personal and sick days, discounts, gym memberships, tuition and class reimbursement, and the potential for retirement plans such as a 401K. Starting your own business from home will probably not have these perks.

Security: Working in an office for an agency that has established itself in the travel industry already, for the most part, provides job security. That Friday check and regular clients already takes some of the pressure off of you when you are working.

Job Definition: When you work from home it’s hard to turn it off and often your evening hours aren’t your own. With a regular 9-to-5 job, your hours are set and your evenings are yours.

Immediate Feedback: Have a question? Get up from your desk and ask someone else. Unsure how to handle a problem? Ask your supervisor. Need a suggestion on handling a client’s itinerary? Ask a co-worker. You have an entire office of people who can help you.

Growth: When you work on your own from home, your company can certainly grow, but there are other opportunities for growth in an established company. You can take on different leadership opportunities and move over into divisions of the company that you might not have expected.

Educate Your Brain: You can learn about new software, take classes, and go to conferences all on the dime of your employer and not out of your own pocket.

Become a People Person:

Working with others helps you to build your people skills. You will learn the power of persuasion, camaraderie, listening and communication.

So, what’s best for you? It depends on your personality and your needs. Read both posts and see which one resonates with you more. Does the idea of working from home appeal to you more than working in an office? Do you really want to be around people and be part of a community? Then working in an office might be a better fit for you. But whatever you do, remember that even if you make one decision and it doesn’t work out, you can always change it.

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