Why Travel Agents Love Their Jobs

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Here are a few reasons why you’re on the right website for a dream career.  

Most travel agents absolutely love their jobs. What’s not to love about it? They are planning a vacation, wedding, honeymoon, bucket list trip, once-in-a-lifetime adventure or other exciting time in your client’s life. They’re selling a dream.   “As a travel agent, I get to be a part of the happiest moments of my clients' lives,” said Darci Upham, CruiseOne franchise owner and vacation specialist in Hampstead, North Carolina. “I am honored that my clients trust me with these treasured moments, from graduation celebrations and honeymoons, to family vacations and reunions.”    

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Lainey Melnick said that being a travel agent is the happiest job she’s ever had. “I’ve worked in many industries where there are predominant feelings of negativity, complaints, anger and dissatisfaction,” said the DreamVacations franchise owner and vacation specialist. “Working in travel, you get to make people’s dreams come true. Every day I feel like I am making someone happy, and there is no better feeling in the world.”  

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John Gawne said that he enjoys helping people plan and enjoy their vacations and is eager to receive their compliments when they return. “In addition, the industry offers me opportunities to visit resorts and different cruise ships for inspections, for familiarization stays at reduced pricing, and even seminars at sea to broaden my knowledge and expertise,” said Gawne, an independent vacation specialist with Cruises, Inc., in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “I enjoyed traveling when I was in the Navy, and always thought I would enjoy cruising as long as I didn’t have to work seven days a week and 12 hours a day.”

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Being a salesperson in any other job can be difficult, but Al Richman said that it’s one of his favorite parts of his job as a travel agent. “In most sales positions, you have to ‘talk’ the prospect into buying what they may not want,” said Richman, a Dreams Vacations Franchise Owner in Lantana, Florida. “In travel, you help them ‘sell’ themselves on what they do want – memorable experiences at the best value.”  

Even when agents have to face obstacles along the way – reservations that go awry, resorts that aren’t exactly vacation friendly or last minute emergencies, travel agents still love the excitement and planning trips and sharing what they know.  

When Pam Walker travels the world, she gets excited about telling her clients what she has seen and done. “It is the true excitement of what I do that inspires others to get to know our world as I do,” said Walker of Walker Adventures, Ltd., an affiliate of Travel Experts. “I have had so many extraordinary experiences — like riding horseback into the wilds of Patagonia — just me and a handsome gaucho, or walking among the penguins in their rookeries with them cooing all around me.  She has also met the last eight tattooed ladies in the world in the wilds of Myanmar in Burma. “Their faces were tattooed at birth, a practice no longer allowed. These ladies, all in their 80s, are the last in this strange tradition,” she said.

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