New York Times Highlights Need for Travel Agents


Aren’t travel agents a thing of the past?

That kind of notion is what travel agents are used to hearing from the main stream media when it comes to their profession. The average person is a few years behind when it comes to the resurgence of travel agents, so it’s nice to see someone recognizing that not only is the industry on the upswing, but that travel agents can do a lot more good than rank-and-file consumers might think.

When a positive piece like that happens in the New York Times?

Even better.

Among the many nice things “The Gray Lady” had to say about travel agents, the interview by Shivani Vora highlighted the work agents do in helping customers with snafus, being a concierge, personalizing trips, handling long-term planning or even helping when customers aren’t on vacation.

In short, the article highlighted what travel agents are today: the very best in customer service. That's a message more and more people need to learn, because that's a sorely needed commodity in today's DIY travel planning landscape—where, as the article says, most people feel "comfortable" planning their own travels online. There are still plenty of services and knowledge travel agents provide that customers may not even know they need!

Rob Karp, chief executive and founder of MilesAhead, a luxury travel concierge service, was the subject of the interview and wrapped the article up nicely with a quote just about every travel agent would like more people to hear:

“The more you stick with an adviser, the better you’ll be taken care of.”