Regular - Operations Tech II

Jul 17, 2017
Jul 26, 2017
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Full Time
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Intrawest is a North American mountain resort and adventure company, delivering distinctive vacation and travel experiences to its customers for over three decades. The Company owns interests in seven four-season mountain resorts with more than 11,000 skiable acres and more than 1,150 acres of land available for real estate development. Intrawest's mountain resorts are geographically diversified across North America's major ski regions, including the Eastern United States, the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Southwest and Canada. The Company also operates an adventure travel business, the cornerstone of which is Canadian Mountain Holidays, the leading heli-skiing adventure company in North America. Additionally, the Company operates a comprehensive real estate business through which it manages, markets and sells vacation club properties; manages condominium hotel properties; and sells and markets residential real estate.


Snowshoe is the premier destination for Mid-Atlantic and Southeast skiers, snowboarders and winter enthusiasts. We offer 251 acres of skiable terrain, 1500 vertical feet, 60 trails and the best snow around. Our three ski areas include the Snowshoe Basin, Western Territory and Silver Creek. Enjoy our world class events, cool mountain temperatures, beautiful vistas and 11,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness.

The Principles Guiding Our Daily Actions and Behaviors

Our six organizational values describe our shared beliefs?what's important to us as an organization; how we want to treat each other and our guests.

* Guest Driven ? Service, Passion, Fun

* Unified Team ? Cooperative, Fun and Unsiloed

* Integrity Always ? Do the Right Thing

* Down-Home Hospitality ? Warm, Friendly, Sincere

* Epic Experiences ? Wild, Memorable, Unexpected Delight

* Stewardship ? Environment, Financial, Safety

Snowshoe Strategic Areas of Focus

* Focus on Guest Valued Experience

* Being a Trusted Resort Partner

* Best Place to Work in West Virginia

Our Challenge

To consistently offer exceptional service to create a higher percentage of advocates out of our first time guests.

Culture: Snowshoe is made up of a team of GUIDES providing extraordinary mountain experiences. We are a Guest Driven Unified Team who acts with Integrity Always. We provide Epic Experiences to our guests while acting as Stewards of our environment, a safe workplace and our financial responsibilities to our shareholders.

Vision: Snowshoe Mountain will be known as one of the top mountain destinations in the East, the best place to work in West Virginia, and a trusted resort partner.


Consistently produce a high quality snow surface supporting our Resort Objective of providing a safe and memorable guest experience.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES (list in order of importance)This position is responsible for the following "job results".

* Completing summer trail maintenance

* Completing summer preventive maintenance on snowmaking equipment

* Making snow by adjusting snowmaking equipment as snow and weather conditions change

* Providing labor support when needed

* Supporting Inter-Company requests for events and summer operations

* Providing support for capital projects

* Monitoring temperature, humidity as well as system air and water pressures

* Completing tasks as outlined by Operations Supervisors and Managers

* Completing preventative maintenance and repairs on snowmaking equipment

* Correct and safe use of snowmaking equipment to include: electric guns, tower low E guns, and ground air water guns

* Communicating changes on the hill to the compressor house operations

* Complying with OSHA and company procedures, rules, and regulations

* Attending regular safety training

* Informing Ski Patrol and other departments of unsafe ski conditions

* Using proper PPE

* Reporting unsafe practices or conditions to Operations Supervisors or Manager

* Providing contractors with instructions, labor, materials, and other assistance

* Cutting new trails, roads and building sites

* Assisting with water and air line repairs

* Mowing, weed eating, clearing brush

* Providing irrigation and erosion control

This job description is an overview of the scope of responsibilities and is not intended to be an inclusive list of job tasks and expectations. With the evolution of this resort and position, the responsibilities of this position may change.


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent

Experience: To Qualify for the Ops Tech II position candidate must meet at least 4 of the below criteria.

* 2 years of experience as ops tech I, or equivalent position

* Basic knowledge and troubleshooting skills of snowmaking and grooming equipment o In field repair of air/water hydrants,

* In field repair of electric, HKD and air water snow guns o In field repair of Snowmobiles

* Basic knowledge of system automation and controls

* Basic grooming and heavy equipment skills

* Welding/fabricating skills

* Mechanical skills

* Knowledge of basic construction principals

* Electrical experience??

* Basic knowledge of computer software/hardware

* Basic knowledge of telecommunications

* Class D CDL

* Detailed knowledge of slope air and water system o Drain and valve locations

* Hydrant location

* Gun locations

* Problem areas

* Basic Knowledge of compressor house operations o Ability to monitor air/water system

* Ability to monitor T/A and zone flooding system

* Completion of Industry training for: o Snow gun Operation

* Automation systems and Controls

Must be Able to document experience/certifications


* Current and valid Driver's License

* ATV safety course, snowmobile safety course.

* Successful completion of Snowmaking/Grooming orientation.

* Must be able to identify all ski slopes at Snowshoe and Silver Creek

Specific Experience other than Operations Tech II:


* Understands business complexities and assumes responsibility for driving change

* Leads employees or teams of employees to achieve goals

* Guides employees through periods of change, even during difficult times or in the face of hard business decisions

* Exhibits honesty, integrity in an environment of mutual respect and trust, core values, reliability


* Is inquisitive and curious, always asking questions; Seeks new and/or different or ways to improve the business; Thinks outside the box

* Is recognized by others (internally and externally) as being engaged in their role, and someone who can often see things that others have not

* Inspires, motivates, develops, energizes, and creates engaged employees, with a solid record of employee retention

* Demonstrates true passion for the job, the resort, and the company overall

* Displays rigorous commitment to the environment, financial and safety of self, business, and inherent risks through stewardship.


* Communicates clearly and appropriately - both orally and in writing

* Responds to questions or requests in a timely manner

* Conducts regular one-on-one and departmental meetings to ensure a good flow of information

* Recognizes and rewards the achievement of his/her team and others; Ensures thank-yous are delivered

* All communication is down home and strives to improve upon a high level of guest service in a friendly manner


* Achieves high-quality business outcomes for the division as well as delivering good results that help the business overall

* Meets or exceeds financial goals, budgets, forecasts

* Creates successful strategies that produce results, but is also willing to accept responsibility for shortfalls when appropriate

* Ensures a guest driven atmosphere and improves commitment to a service level that exceed our guests' expectations

* Takes steps to provide epic experiences that are wild, memorable and unexpected


* Adapts and is flexible to changing business circumstances across a season, a fiscal year, and/or multiple years; Exhibits willingness to change

* Adjusts budgets and reforecasts as needed across the year based on changing business needs

* Exhibits flexibility in their thinking, will bend when needed, and will lobby others to change when necessary

* Inspires a unified team through understanding was is required for successful, cooperative and fun team success


Any Intrawest employee or volunteer who operates a company vehicle including cars, trucks, snowcats, snowmobiles, or heavy equipment is required to comply with the Intrawest Driver's Standards Policy. This policy also applies to employees or volunteers driving their personal vehicles for company business more than four times per month, averaging 30+ miles per trip. All drivers should receive a full copy of the Intrawest Driver's Standards Policy; if you have not ? please contact your Risk/Safety or HR/EE Department.


This position may be required to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

Office Environment:

* Able to lift, carry, or otherwise move and position a minimum of 20 pounds on an occasional basis.
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