Sports Marketing & Campaign Management

Aug 13, 2017
Aug 15, 2017
Job Type
Full Time
Job Description

Company Overview:

Our focus is creating, common sense solutions, and personalized branding for the entertainment industry. Our campaigns bring community awareness resulting in instantiates traffic flow to our client's facility. The concept is a simple, feel good solution as it saves everyone money, clients and their customers alike! That's what makes what we do exciting, fun and effective. Due to the diversity of our clients' needs, we seek people of personality, creativity, independent thinking that have a passion for their community and our clients.

The lack of effective results from traditional methods (newspaper, radio, and television), in addition to the rising costs of advertising during a tough economy, more and more clients are contacting us to be their word of mouth agent. It's simple, powerful, and effective.

We provide performance based compensation and all openings are ENTRY LEVEL; Our company prides itself on its support staff and we are willing to develop highly motivated people for management opportunities.

Our clients are looking for EXPLOSIVE growth out of our locations!

To meet their demands, we are looking for the BEST of the BEST.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills- both verbal and written
  • Ability to work in a high energy and fast paced environment
  • Ambition, strong work ethic and willingness to learn
  • Be a self-starter with problem solving skills

Opportunities In:

?? Corporate Management

?? Account Management

?? Human Resources

?? Event Coordinator

?? Campaign Management

?? Event Marketer

?? PR / Brand Ambassador

?? Internships / Co-ops

People with the following experience are encouraged to apply:
advertising, marketing, sales, entry level, public relations, sports, sports marketing, management. customer service, full time, part time, hospitality, promotions, entertainment, business development, sales, marketing, other, advertising, retail, cosmetic, fashion, sports, retail, sales, restaurant, hospitality.

People from all backgrounds seeking part-time or full-time opportunities in the following areas are encouraged to inquire about our program: customer service, entry level, entrepreneur, management, marketing, direct marketing, sales, account executive, advertising, public relations, pr, hospitality, food, entertainment, general labor, general business, hotel, account manager, account management, project manager, entry level sales, business management, business manager, general business, manager trainee, trainee, management trainee, sales manager, sales training, sales trainee, outside sales, inside sales, customer sales, sales support, b2b sales, business-to-business, team player, sports-oriented, help wanted, new grad, business experience, business administration, small business administration, degree business administration, master business administration, management business administration, business administration bachelor, office business, small business, business restaurant, marketing business, international business, marketing, sales, sales management, sales manager, marketing manager, full time business consultant, entry level business consulting, marketing manager full time, customer service full time, entry level marketing & sales, business to business sales & marketing,

Company Description Sports and Leisure Promotions

Our firm is an industry leader in sports and entertainment marketing, creating larger community bases from existing and new demographics. We drive consumer acquisition and brand recognition for spas, resorts, wineries, golf clubs, restaurants, and a wide range of Professional Sports Teams.