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Apr 12, 2016
Dec 31, 2017
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Become a Travel Agent with AARC Host Agency

Unlike AARC host agency, not all host agencies accept trainees or provide you with a free consumer website with booking engines and the free marketing that produces sales.

If you want to start a career as a work from home travel agent, AARC host agency can provide you with a money making website that your clients can use to book trips 24/7. In other words, your clients will do all of the work and all you have to do is sit back and see the money roll, each time they book. We will provide a travel agent ID number that will be embedded into your booking engines. That means you will be getting commission for each sale that is made on your website.

At first, we will upload approximately 8,000 vacation packages and cruise deals to destinations across the globe on your website. Then every week our IT department receives hundreds of new sales that we will upload to your website every week and take down all expired specials. You will enjoy the full benefits of a regularly maintained and content rich website without the need to spend countless hours and money on web hosting, administering and updating.

At the AARC Travel School, you will be supplied with training manuals that will detail step by step procedures on how to book trips, cruises, vacation packages, hotels and transport for your clients. The lesson will also include marketing; specifically on how to get more clients for your business. You will also be provided with a mentor to help you, every step of the way.

We have numerous Destination Webinars that will teach you about popular destinations, Cruise lines and resorts. So if one of your clients wants a $5,000 vacation to the Bahamas and you have never been there yourself, you will still be able to tell them about the destination and what might appeal to them there.

AARC also provides you a search engine and a travel agent-only booking website. AARC host agency deals with a number of influential wholesalers and suppliers to purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms in bulk to a number of destinations. They pass their discounts onto AARC and you will have access to them also, once you sign up and become a travel agent.

Our programs will do all of the hard work of finding the best deals and destinations you are searching for. It will also tell you which supplier has the best deals for the destination you are looking for. All you have to do is contact your clients via email or a phone call with the information and ask if they want to book it. Once they do, you collect their credit card information as well as the names and ages of the people traveling with them and give that information to the supplier. The supplier pays you're commission after the the client returns from their trip.

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